London shoes are calling . . . Kurt Geiger

12 Oct

When in London this past summer, I found a shoe designer that I fell in love with . . . Kurt Geiger! KG by Kurt Geiger is the brand to be exact. I saw his shoes at every big department store, Harrods, Selfridges, and House of Fraser, etc. I also popped into his store in Covent Garden.

A very brief history: Kurt Geiger opened his first store on the magical Bond Street in London in 1963. In 2006, the flagship store on Regent Street in the heart of London’s West End was opened. The same year, the first international store was opened in Le Printemps, Paris. And the online store was launched:

I was lucky enough to purchase a pair of “loki” flats from Selfridges. They are THE most comfortable shoes. Sole inserts are built right into the shoe. Here is the pair I purchased:

Loki flats KG by Kurt Geiger

Unfortunately, Kurt Geiger is currently only sold in the UK and Europe both online and in store. But if you ever travel there, make sure to buy a pair or two! Next time I go back to London, I sure will!

Here are some other great examples of Kurt Geiger’s brand: KG by Kurt Geiger. The pictures will take you to the Kurt Geiger website:

Dancer KG by Kurt Geiger

Cairo Kurt Geiger

Arianna KG by Kurt Geiger

all the shoe department girls at Selfridges were wearing Arianna’s, and said they were so comfortable to walk around/stand in all day at work. Unfortunately, they didn’t have my size 😦

Janison KG by Kurt Geiger

Electric KG by Kurt Geiger

Scene Feather Kurt Geiger

KG by Kurt Geiger and Kurt Geiger have a mixture of simple, eccentric, yet classic shoe designs. And the comfort alone makes these shoes worth every pound (British pound that is 😉 )


Lots of Love ♥

♥ andrea


One Response to “London shoes are calling . . . Kurt Geiger”

  1. Paula February 27, 2011 at 9:06 pm #

    I like the 2nd pair with the bow.

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