La Belle Mélange

27 Feb

My blog is now entitled: “La Belle Mélange.” This title is significant to me in many ways.

First off, let me explain how this new title came about. My previous title, “Inspired to be Lovely,” was a title that I liked, but did not necessarily love. For the past week or so, I have been brainstorming words that I felt would better represent what my blog is about. Although my previous title was broad enough to cover my various post topics, I wanted a title that I felt was a bit “catchier” and unique. This brings me to the meaning of “La Belle Mélange.” It is French for “beautiful mixture.” I have a mixture of interests and passions in life, which I enjoy writing about. Those interests include finding inspiration, my friends & family, television & movies, costume design, music, books, fashion, nail polish, traveling, etc. I love the sound of the title in French as well when I put it into Google translator 😉

In addition to the meaning of “La Belle Mélange,” I also love the word BELLE in general. Yes, it means “beauty,” and life is beautiful, but BELLE has two other significant meanings in my life. The first being that BELLE  is my favorite Disney character from my all time favorite Disney film”Beauty and the Beast.” The second reason why I love the word BELLE, is because it was the name of my first dog who I loved with all my heart and miss dearly. And yes, she was named after Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.”

I hope you continue to enjoy my blog. Thank you for reading!

Cheers! andrea♥


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