MUST See: “Something Borrowed”

7 May

I have been on cloud 9 ever since watching “Something Borrowed” last night!! The film is based on author Emily Giffin’s novel “Something Borrowed.” I am a huge fan of her books, especially SOBO and Something Blue!!

John Krasinski DEFINITELY stole the show for me!!! He is brilliantly hysterical and downright adorable! He made for a fantastic Ethan!!

John Krasinski

The entire cast was great overall!

I always love Ginnifer Goodwin (Rachel), because I tend to relate to her personality/characteristics in many films. Kate Hudson is a sweetheart! (not as Darcy though, of course!!) Colin Egglesfield was a great Dex!! I hope to see him in more films from now on!

SEMI-SPOILERS: I found the film to be very true to the book, with minor differences here and there. For example, instead of the watch being the evidence, it was a jacket (If you read the book, you know what I’m talking about!) If you have yet to see the film, make sure to stay through the credits for a little preview of what’s to come!!! (Something Blue movie?!?!?! Set in London?!?!?! I’m there!)

Speaking of London, I loved the shots of London in this film, and the moment when Ethan said CHEERS! 🙂 Cheers has become one of my favorite words ever since living in London last summer, and getting the Kate Spade CHEERS necklace for my birthday.

I hope that everyone goes to see this fantastic film! Readers of the book will not be dissappointed! For those who haven’t read the book, be prepared for a “not your average chick-flick ending.” This is definitely a movie where you find yourself rooting for “the bad guys.” (even though the other girl is just as bad!)

cheers! andrea ♥

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