Diamond Jubilee Concert

4 Jun

It is 3:30 PM in California, and the Diamond Jubilee Concert concluded in London just an hour ago. I watched along live here in CA via BBC One. A glorious stage was set up in front of Buckingham Palace, with acts performing on the stage itself, on the balcony of the palace, and even on the roof! Performers included Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Jessie J., Will.I.Am, Cheryl Cole, Gary Barlow, Kylie Minogue, Tom Jones, and closed with Sir Paul McCartney.

All of the Royal family was in attendance, with one exception, the Queen’s husband Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Sadly, he was hospitalized today before the concert due to a bladder infection, and will have to stay for observation for a few days. Aside from that, the family appeared to be enjoying themselves. Especially the young royals, such as William, Kate, Harry, Beatrice, and Eugenie. 

Kate looked lovely in a Whistles, ‘Bella’ floral print dress:

Below are images from the concert, many of which I took a screenshot of while I watched BBC One coverage:

Diamond Jubilee Concert Stage

The Queen looked lovely in her cape:

Eugenie & Beatrice

Beautiful images were projected onto Buckingham Palace throughout the concert:

Buckingham Palace

Love the bow!

I adored the lining on Sir Paul McCartney’s jacket!

The Queen came onto the stage with her son, Prince Charles, whom gave a wonderful speech in her honor. One of my favorite moments was when he started out his speech by saying “Your Majesty, Mummy,” and the crowded replied with cheering and an “awww.” My reaction exactly!!

The Queen removed her cape, and came on stage looking lovely in gold, giving the crowd some beaming smiles:

The Queen lit the final beacon to honor her Diamond Jubilee. Beacons have also been lit across Britain and around the world:

The Queen picking up the diamond to light the beacon.

Here is the lit beacon, with a view of all the people along the mall in front of Buckingham Palace:

Finale fireworks over Buckingham Palace:

The concert will air here in America tomorrow, June 5th on ABC at 9pm.

Cheers to the Queen! andrea ♥


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