First weekend at the London Olympics!

28 Jul

Yesterday was officially the 1st day of the London 2012 Olympic games!! London town was bustling with excitement & tourists from all around the world sporting their country’s colors, apparel, & flags. It’s so much fun to spot fellow Americans wearing our stars & stripes.

We had an eventful day trying to get over to Olympic Park, only to find we had to have tickets to just walk around the stadium! And those tickets were only available on the site for UK residents, so we were not happy about that. If you’ve been watching the Olympics, you may have noticed tons of empty seats at many events. This is due to other countries currently not having tickets available to them, and online is the only place to purchase tickets, as they are not sold at the door. Luckily, we came to London with 5 tickets on hand for beach volleyball, fencing, tennis, athletics, and the finals for men’s football! We were looking into tickets in hopes of going to the closing ceremony and possibly swimming, but our chances looked very slim when we were told only the UK/European Countries site was available. However, I was more than determined, and found the loophole to search the available inventory of tickets. It turned out that Closing Ceremony tickets are still available, but at quite pricey rates. However, we were fortunate enough to plan for the high prices, and I was determined once I learned my favorite childhood group, the SPICE GIRLS!!!!!, will be performing possibly for the very last time together! They were my very first concert back in 1998!! Many thanks are due to my dad for making this phenomenal graduation trip possible for my mom and me. Also, thank you so much to my mom as well for attending these games with me, I am thrilled to share this experience with her!


One of my very best friends, Hallie, and me near Olympic Park:

Here are our tickets to closing ceremony!!


Today, when we collected our Closing Ceremony tickets, we also took pictures nearby Olympic Park and the Stratford Westfield Mall next door:





I fell in love with a couple fascinators:



I also found one of the most amazing dresses:


Our meals so far have been amazing!







Cheers to a fantastic first weekend in London for the Summer Olympics!!



Tomorrow is our first live event at Horse Guard’s Parade, Beach Volleyball! Can’t wait to cheer on Misty May Treanor (fellow CSULB alum! Go Beach!) and Kerri Walsh! Team USA!!! They play at 11pm London time, 3pm PST time.

Cheers, Andrea

PS. I’m blogging from my phone, so I will update with all my camera photos when I have a chance! Cheers again!


One Response to “First weekend at the London Olympics!”

  1. Bob Medina July 30, 2012 at 6:18 am #

    Your Welcome Babe,

    Love Dad

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