London Olympics Trip: Day 8

5 Aug

On Thursday, August 2, 2012, I visited the Tower of London with my mom and friend, Hallie. While living in London 2 years ago, I always wanted to make it over to the Tower, but somehow didn’t manage to. I was excited to finally have the opportunity to tour such a historic site in London, and see the Royal Crown Jewels! Sadly, no photos were allowed in the Crown Jewels exhibit, but just imagine diamonds and gold sparkling all throughout the rooms.

After the tour inside and around the Tower of London, we again were able to get a great view of the Olympic rings on Tower Bridge! The sight is simply breathtaking. I literally could stare at them for hours. My first sighting of the rings truly gave me the chills!

After admiring the rings over the River Thames, we headed over to the gorgeous Savoy Hotel for traditional afternoon tea in the Thames Foyer room. We chose the Olympic Tea option, which included pastries made to be the colors of the Olympic rings. The tea room was stunning, and the pianist set the mood for a lovely afternoon tea experience. The waiters were dressed in coat tails and made us feel like royalty.

At night, Hallie and I headed to a couple of pubs in Leicester Square to celebrate a fantastic week together in London! I’m so happy I got to share the Olympic experience with her. On Friday, she departed back to America, and my mom and I headed to Edinburgh, Scotland, where I currently am. We had a great day exploring the Highlands and visiting the Loch Ness monster 😉 But more on that in a following post to come.

Here are some highlights from my 8th day in London:


cheers! andrea ♥


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