London Olympics: Day 14: Athletics

11 Sep

August 8, 2012:

The day after my mom and I returned from our side trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, we attended an athletics, aka “track and field,” event in Olympic Stadium. It was our first time being able to actually get into Olympic Park, because in order to visit the park, you had to have a ticket to one of the venues inside. Those venues included sports such as swimming, water polo, basketball, cycling, field hockey, and athletics. This day, we exited the tube at West Ham station, and took a 20 – 30 minute walk to Olympic Stadium. We were sporting our Ralph Lauren, Team USA shirts, along with our USA scarves and flags. Finally making it into the Olympic park was such a thrill, after watching thousands of spectators enjoying it on TV from our hotel room.

We literally spent all day there, with our first stop being our Athletics event, which was from 10am to about 1:30pm. Our seats were incredible! We were on the lower level, right along the track, near where most of the races started. At times, it was hard to focus on one event, because multiple events were happening at the same time, such as races, pole vaulting, long jump, and the hammer throw. I also remember it being extremely hot! But it was all well worth it, because being in that stadium for one of the biggest Olympic events is something I will never forget.

After watching Athletics, my mom and I headed over near the basketball arena to find The Today Show!! We made a sign to say CHEERS to my Dad & Grandma back home in California, and it made it on TV!! As did glimpses of my mom and I! I got some great pictures of Matt Lauer and the rest of the Today Show anchors as well.

We then proceeded to eat! We had pizza at one of the food stands, and I had my very favorite No. 1 Pimms fruit cup, which was all the rage at the Olympic events, especially when we went to Wimbledon for Tennis! We then took photos underneath the Olympic rings, which was incredible!

We next visited the London 2012 Megastore, which was absolute insanity inside!! Another shopping pit stop we took inside Olympic Park was to the Coca-Cola store, where we were allowed to hold a real Olympic torch!

Later in the evening, we grabbed some more food and watched events that were happening in the park on a large screen, while sitting on a hill with hundreds of other Olympic spectators. We were in the same vicinity as Kate Middleton, as she was attending field hockey next to the park we were sitting in. We also happily caught the Women’s Beach Volleyball final on the big screen, which was Team USA v. Team USA!! I was so happy that Misty-May Treanor and Kerry Walsh won the gold again!! Especially since my mom, friend Hallie, and I saw them play live a week before! Also, because Misty-May is a fellow alumni of CSULB! Go Beach 🙂 While watching them win the gold, it was great to hear our US national anthem play, despite the fact that we were the only Americans really there watching the big screen, haha.
After the excitement of watching Team USA bring home another gold, we called it a night, and headed back on the tube to Gloucester Road, where we exited for our 2nd London hotel, the Ashburn Hotel, in gorgeous South Kensington. The following day was by far one of my favorites, as we visited THE castle that is DOWNTON ABBEY!! More on that later!



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One Response to “London Olympics: Day 14: Athletics”

  1. sonia de macedo (@soniademacedo) October 2, 2012 at 3:48 pm #

    What an awesome day! Loved these photos!


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