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2012 in Review

31 Dec

This year has been absolutely incredible for so many reasons. Before we ring in the New Year tomorrow, I wanted to reflect on my 2012 year. The first major highlight was meeting Lady Antebellum at their Staples Center Concert in Los Angeles!


The second major event was my Senior Fashion show in May!

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My next major event was graduating with a Double Major in Textiles & Fashion Design, as well as Fashion Merchandising from California State University, Long Beach! I was so proud of myself for graduating Summa Cum Laude as well!

IMG_1127 IMG_1218 Grad CapThe next highlight was earning my first full-time job as a Costume Assistant with GLEE! After interning with the Costume Department for the first three seasons while in college 🙂 Here is a photo I took with the cast back in Season 1!

Attending the London 2012 Olympics and traveling to Edinburgh, Scotland was the next major event!! Including going to the Closing Ceremony and seeing the Spice Girls! As well as a trip to THE Downton Abbey castle, aka Highclere Castle 🙂

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I also had the pleasure of working at the Emmy awards and escorting and chatting with such people as Hugh Bonneville, aka Lord Grantham on Downton Abbey!!
199563_4027232312479_626308455_n 534419_4027613442007_330897503_nThe Brad Paisley concert with my Mom at the Hollywood Bowl was amazing as well:

418039_4141738335058_2041411345_n664806_4141753215430_389522334_oI also attended the MLS Cup Championship to see the LA Galaxy win and David Beckham play in his final Galaxy game!

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Most recently, I went to a great concert by Josh Kelley and met him for the 2nd time, along with meeting his wife, Katherine Heigl!

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That was a very brief re-cap of my 2012 year, but all the memories I have are too grand to put into words or even pictures. Thank you for taking a trip with my down memory lane!! I absolutely cannot wait to see what is in store for me in 2013!! Cheers!! Happy New Year!!


andrea ♥


London Olympics: Day 14: Athletics

11 Sep

August 8, 2012:

The day after my mom and I returned from our side trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, we attended an athletics, aka “track and field,” event in Olympic Stadium. It was our first time being able to actually get into Olympic Park, because in order to visit the park, you had to have a ticket to one of the venues inside. Those venues included sports such as swimming, water polo, basketball, cycling, field hockey, and athletics. This day, we exited the tube at West Ham station, and took a 20 – 30 minute walk to Olympic Stadium. We were sporting our Ralph Lauren, Team USA shirts, along with our USA scarves and flags. Finally making it into the Olympic park was such a thrill, after watching thousands of spectators enjoying it on TV from our hotel room.

We literally spent all day there, with our first stop being our Athletics event, which was from 10am to about 1:30pm. Our seats were incredible! We were on the lower level, right along the track, near where most of the races started. At times, it was hard to focus on one event, because multiple events were happening at the same time, such as races, pole vaulting, long jump, and the hammer throw. I also remember it being extremely hot! But it was all well worth it, because being in that stadium for one of the biggest Olympic events is something I will never forget.

After watching Athletics, my mom and I headed over near the basketball arena to find The Today Show!! We made a sign to say CHEERS to my Dad & Grandma back home in California, and it made it on TV!! As did glimpses of my mom and I! I got some great pictures of Matt Lauer and the rest of the Today Show anchors as well.

We then proceeded to eat! We had pizza at one of the food stands, and I had my very favorite No. 1 Pimms fruit cup, which was all the rage at the Olympic events, especially when we went to Wimbledon for Tennis! We then took photos underneath the Olympic rings, which was incredible!

We next visited the London 2012 Megastore, which was absolute insanity inside!! Another shopping pit stop we took inside Olympic Park was to the Coca-Cola store, where we were allowed to hold a real Olympic torch!

Later in the evening, we grabbed some more food and watched events that were happening in the park on a large screen, while sitting on a hill with hundreds of other Olympic spectators. We were in the same vicinity as Kate Middleton, as she was attending field hockey next to the park we were sitting in. We also happily caught the Women’s Beach Volleyball final on the big screen, which was Team USA v. Team USA!! I was so happy that Misty-May Treanor and Kerry Walsh won the gold again!! Especially since my mom, friend Hallie, and I saw them play live a week before! Also, because Misty-May is a fellow alumni of CSULB! Go Beach 🙂 While watching them win the gold, it was great to hear our US national anthem play, despite the fact that we were the only Americans really there watching the big screen, haha.
After the excitement of watching Team USA bring home another gold, we called it a night, and headed back on the tube to Gloucester Road, where we exited for our 2nd London hotel, the Ashburn Hotel, in gorgeous South Kensington. The following day was by far one of my favorites, as we visited THE castle that is DOWNTON ABBEY!! More on that later!



andrea ♥

Edinburgh, Scotland

5 Sep

I have now been back in the States for a few weeks, and thanks to this glorious three-day holiday weekend, I can catch up on some blogging!! To start where I left off, from day 9 to 13 of my UK/London/Olympic trip, I spent my first time visiting Edinburgh, Scotland with my mom. It was more gorgeous and green than I ever imagined. Our hotel location was superb, overlooking the Grassmarket, which is an area with wonderful restaurants and pubs. We also had a great view of the Edinburgh Castle.

On our first full day, Saturday, August 4th, we took a bus trip through the Highlands and to Loch Ness. Yes, THE infamous Loch Ness where the tale of the Loch Ness monster is set. We took a boat cruise down the river, and I have to admit, I was a bit nervous, haha. The landscapes we saw during the bus and boat trip were simply breathtaking.
On Sunday, August 5th, my mom and I visited the Edinburgh castle. It was a very rainy day, but I suppose we were treated to an authentic Scottish experience. Speaking of experiencing the culture, that evening, my mom and I attended a Scottish dinner show called “Taste of Scotland,” featuring Scottish music, singing, and dancing.

On Monday, August 6th, we visited Queen Elizabeth II’s Scottish residence known as the Palace of Holyroodhouse. It is quite an old, dreary looking palace on the inside, but the center courtyard was lovely, as was the abbey outside. Later that evening, my mom and I attended the Royal Military Tattoo at the Edinburgh Castle, which showcases military bands from around the world, along with dancers. Throughout the show, unique lights and images were projected onto the castle, and the show concluded with a fireworks show. The very fireworks show we saw each night prior from our hotel. The Tattoo was a great way to conclude our time in Scotland. The following day, we headed back to London for more Olympic events! But more on that later.



andrea ♥

London Olympic Football Final

11 Aug


Today was an incredible day at Wembley Stadium in London! I attended the men’s football final, where México took home the gold against Brasil. Viva México! I’m half Mexican. One of the players, Peralta, stole the game with an amazing goal within the first 30 seconds of the match!! It was even more exciting to see him play, because my mom, who was with me, has the maiden name Peralta!! The energy was electric in the stadium, and I was so happy to attend such an anticipated event!! And I of course had to show some LA love for our Galaxy player, David Beckham!!! Cheers! Andrea



London Olympics Trip: Day 8

5 Aug

On Thursday, August 2, 2012, I visited the Tower of London with my mom and friend, Hallie. While living in London 2 years ago, I always wanted to make it over to the Tower, but somehow didn’t manage to. I was excited to finally have the opportunity to tour such a historic site in London, and see the Royal Crown Jewels! Sadly, no photos were allowed in the Crown Jewels exhibit, but just imagine diamonds and gold sparkling all throughout the rooms.

After the tour inside and around the Tower of London, we again were able to get a great view of the Olympic rings on Tower Bridge! The sight is simply breathtaking. I literally could stare at them for hours. My first sighting of the rings truly gave me the chills!

After admiring the rings over the River Thames, we headed over to the gorgeous Savoy Hotel for traditional afternoon tea in the Thames Foyer room. We chose the Olympic Tea option, which included pastries made to be the colors of the Olympic rings. The tea room was stunning, and the pianist set the mood for a lovely afternoon tea experience. The waiters were dressed in coat tails and made us feel like royalty.

At night, Hallie and I headed to a couple of pubs in Leicester Square to celebrate a fantastic week together in London! I’m so happy I got to share the Olympic experience with her. On Friday, she departed back to America, and my mom and I headed to Edinburgh, Scotland, where I currently am. We had a great day exploring the Highlands and visiting the Loch Ness monster 😉 But more on that in a following post to come.

Here are some highlights from my 8th day in London:


cheers! andrea ♥

London Olympics: Days 5,6,& 7

1 Aug

Today marked my being in London for exactly 1 week! Time sure does fly! I’m trying to make sure to soak in every moment. On Monday, day 5 in London, we attended a Beach Volleyball event at Horse Guards Parade near Buckingham Palace. Horse Guards Parade is a very historic location in London. It is where the Queen inspects her troops during the Trooping the Colour event every June. It was a great first Olympic venue for us to visit, because it was within walking distance from our hotel. Beach Volleyball was such a fun event! There was a DJ, intermission dancers, and great teams who competed. We were fortunate enough to see the men and women of Team USA!! The men sadly lost their match, but our ladies won!! Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh are both 2 time Olympic Gold medalists, so I had complete faith that they would pull out a win. It was also an exciting match for me to watch, because Misty is a fellow CSULB alum! It was sad, however, that everyone was so against us Americans!! There was a good amount of fellow Americans sporting their flags at the arena, but many people left before and or during our women’s match, and we were even booed!! It’s just because we are the world’s rivals I guess?! Go Team USA!! I’m sporting my flag proudly to every event I attend!!

Yesterday, Tuesday, July 31st, was our Fencing event. We watched 4 matches total, including the bronze, silver, and gold medal rounds!! It was incredible to witness an actual medal ceremony!! Fencing is an astounding sport, and I was literally on the edge of my seat!! After fencing, we took a night stroll around London to check out Buckingham Palace and the Olympic rings on Tower Bridge! Such an amazing sight to see 🙂

Today, my mom and I went to Wimbledon for London 2012 Olympic Tennis in Centre Court. We watched 4 amazing matches, and saw Serena Williams from Team USA and Andy Murray from Team GB win their matches!! I loved every minute 🙂 Below is a a gallery featuring highlights from my 5th, 6th, and 7th days here in London town!! Cheers!!


Cheers!! andrea ♥

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