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Bowdacious: For The Love of Cute

7 Dec

One of my best friends for the past 13 years, Amy Laun, recently opened up an Etsy shop selling hair bows and (soon) bow ties! She is one of the most creative people I know. Aside from creating bows, she is also a fantastic web designer.

Her company is called Bowdacious. This is her story behind her bows:

“for the love of cute

I have always loved bows. One day I was making myself a pair of shorts and had some extra fabric to spare. Instead of just throwing it away, I decided to make myself a matching bow.
I received so much positive feedback on the bow I started making more of them, which has led me to where I am now. I am so happy I am able to produce a high quality product that people love!”
To view and purchase Amy’s product, visit her website: bowdacio.us
Follow her on:
Twitter: @bowdaciously
Instagram: Bowdaciously
Facebook: Bowdacious
Pinterest: Bowdaciously

Bows make GREAT holiday gifts!

Here are some samples of her work:


Bows make GREAT holiday gifts!

andrea ♥

Nail Art: Dots & Stripes

4 Jul

I love color and patterns, so I decided to mix the two in my recent nail art design! I used a bobby pin for the polka dots, and nailene polish guides for the stripes:

cheers! andrea ♥

What She Wore: Emma Stone at Spider-Man L.A. Premiere

29 Jun

Emma Stone looked stunning at ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ premiere last night in Los Angeles, CA. She wore a white, Chanel dress with red velvet embroidery, along with Christian Louboutin ‘Just Picks’ silver heels:

cheers! andrea ♥

Spotlight on Three Bird Nest Accessories

28 Jun

I was recently in the market for a stylish American flag scarf to take with me to the London 2012 Summer Olympics. I thought a scarf would be the perfect accessory to wear around London to show off my Team USA pride! I immediately headed to Etsy to search for the perfect scarf, and was lucky enough to find the Three Bird Nest shop. I loved the slogan of “charming + girly accessories” and was impressed by the wonderful selection of scarves, headbands, necklaces, and other accessories. When I came across the American flag scarf, I knew I found the absolute perfect accessory to represent Team USA, and I bought one for my mom and me! Thank you Three Bird Nest! The delivery was prompt, and the packaging was lovely and personalized. I can’t wait to take these with us to London.

Make sure to visit and follow the Three Bird Nest Etsy shop, website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts!

Here is the scarf! I love it!

We can even open up our scarves and wave the flag at the Olympic events!

I loved the packaging:

Click the below photo to visit the Three Bird Nest website:

cheers! andrea ♥

Nail Art: Glitter Blocked Nails

28 Jun

I love painting my nails and attempting to create various nail art designs. The below design is what I like to call a “glitter blocked” look:

1) Paint your entire nail with one color. I first used the Sally Hansen “Whirlwind White” Insta-Dri polish.

2) Place nail strips onto your nails. I used Nailene Perfect Tips polish guides and placed them diagonally.

3) Paint the second color on either side of the nail strip. I used Butter London’s “Henley Regatta.”

Cheers! andrea ♥

Neon & Nude

25 Jun

My favorite trend of this season: neon & nude color combos. Live colorfully!!

cheers! andrea ♥

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