The Spice Girls Reunite in London: ‘Viva Forever’ Launch

26 Jun

This morning in London, the Spice Girls reunited at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, where the video for Wannabe was filmed. They all looked absolutely stunning while posing on the golden carpet and in front of THE staircase featured in the music video. The purpose of their reunion today was to launch their ‘Viva Forever’ musical that will premiere in December at the Piccadilly Theatre in the West End of London, as mentioned in my previous post

From the ‘Wannabe’ video:

Video from this morning’s event:

Interview with the Spice Girls!!

This past week on Twitter, the Spice Girls themselves were being secretive yet mentioning  big event and sending out Spice Girl love, which we now know was foreshadowing that they would be reuniting soon. Today was the day!

Victoria tweeted this this morning, reunited, meaning the Spice Girls!

They were definitely “trending” worldwide this morning on Twitter!

Below are more images from their press conference. Mel B was wearing Lanvin, Mel C was in an Acne dress, Emma was in a dress I thought to be reminiscent of Kate Middleton’s navy engagement announcement dress, Victoria was in a design of her own, and Geri created her own dress as well. According to the Telegraph UK, Emma was said to help with the hem!

Girls with writer Jennifer Saunders & Producer Judy Craymer:

Loving Victoria’s hair (via Vogue UK):

I love Emma’s shoes!

Geri made her own dress, and I really love the combination of the lace and soft pink!

Here was the press conference stage (via @VFMusical):

The girls on stage:

twitter via @nataliesedwards

Here is an interview with ‘Viva Forever’ writer, Jennifer Saunders:

To purchase tickets, on sale now, click the image below:

Make sure to visit the musical’s website here:

I’ll be sure to keep updating about ‘Viva Forever’!!

Girl power from across the pond in CA!! andrea ♥

photos via Metro UK, Daily Mail, & thanks to @SpiceWorldNet & @VFMusical


2 Responses to “The Spice Girls Reunite in London: ‘Viva Forever’ Launch”

  1. Diwata Luna June 26, 2012 at 8:47 pm #

    Awesome, even ’til now each one brought their own game and style. 🙂 The musical will be interesting!


    • andrea June 26, 2012 at 10:19 pm #

      I completely agree 🙂 Thank you so much for your comment!

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